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Heritage Lacrosse
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Policies / Procedures

US Lacrosse Membership - All clinic/camp ("Event") participants are required to be current US Lacrosse Members. We ask all athletes to provide their US Lacrosse membership numbers as well as the expiration date when completing the registration and waiver process. For those who are not current members, there are significant benefits to joining US Lacrosse, including a subscription to Lacrosse Magazine! If a participant is not currently a member, additional information is available on the US Lacrosse website. Thank you for your consideration.

No Refunds - No refunds can be paid due to a participant's failure to participate in the Event or any part thereof regardless of the reason (i.e., change of circumstances, failure of assumptions, conflicts, sickness, weather, etc.). Refunds will only be issued in the event of a withdrawal before the published due date of final payment (or if no such due date is published, the day before the start of the Event).

Clinic/Camp Cancelation Due to Weather - The Camp has fixed costs, expenses, commitments and overhead relating to field rental and facilities, equipment rentals, event planning, marketing, website hosting/maintenance, staging and set-up, event t-shirts design and production, insurance, staffing/personnel, administrative and other matters regardless of cancellation or partial cancelation due to weather. In the event of the total cancellation of the Event (not simply the cancelation of an Event session or day) due to actual or threatening weather conditions, Participants may receive a partial refund of registration fees, provided a request for a partial refund is submitted within 15 days following the Event. Partial refunds will not exceed twenty-five (25%) of the registration fee, regardless of the facts and circumstances.

Weather-Related Adjustments During the Event (including Partial Cancelation or Schedule/Format Modifications) - In the event of field closures and/or un-playable field conditions or adverse or threatening weather conditions, including rain, wind, lightening, excess heat /humidity and/or snow/ice, Event organizers reserve the right to cancel and/or postpone further play or reduce/accelerate Event timeframes to avoid or minimize the threat. No refunds will be issued due to any weather-related adjustments during the Event.

Field Conditions and Decision Making Authority - The field and facility owners, not Event organizers, have final say whether the Event will take place in whole or in part, or will proceed in a modified format, due to the weather conditions. All partitipants/parents are expected to respect the decisions of the owners. Thank you for your patience and understanding in connection with circumstances beyond our control.

Communication - Event organizers will endeavor to transmit updates via emails to parents if there are cancellations, postponements or delays, using contact information given to us during the registration process. Additionally, every attempt will be made to update information on the website.

Concussion Awareness and Injury Prevention - A concussion is a serious injury and should not be taken lightly. It is a type of traumatic brain injury, or TBI, that can be caused by a bump, blow or jolt to the head that can change the way your brain normally works. They can also occur from a blow to the body that causes the head to move rapidly. Even a mild bump or blow to the head can be serious. Unfortunately, concussions can be difficult to diagnose, in part because the symptoms can be subtle and may not show up for hours or even days. For these reasons, it is important that parents and athletes take time to understand what concussions are and their potential consequences, recognize concussion signs and symptoms, know how to respond, and learn the steps for returning to activity after a concussion. If you suspect a daughter has a concussion, keep her out of play ("when in doubt, keep her out"). The athlete must be evaluated by a health care professional experienced in evaluating concussions to assess the severity of the concussion, the path to recovery and the steps to return to play.
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