Registration options for Teams, Players, Coaches/Recruiters, Staff, Sponsors, tailored to your event's individual requirements.

You can require your registrants to electronically sign waivers or agreements as necessary.

Accept Payments

  • Online Payments - We offer PayPal integration to accept online payments from your users. All you need is a Verified PayPal Business Account. PayPal's transaction fees will apply.
  • Check Payments - Display a mailing address that your registrants can send checks to. Record check payments via the Admin Panel.
  • Payment Log - View all payments in one place with a convenient link to the payee's details page.

Event Feedback

Gather comments/suggestions from your event's participants with our Feedback form, with the option to display certain feedback publicly.

Site Appearance Customization

Change the colors/style of your registration site. If you are comfortable editing HTML/CSS you can do this via the Admin Panel. Otherwise, we are happy to customize your registration site's appearance for you, to blend in with your existing website.

File Uploads/Homepage Management

If you don't have an existing website, or you'd like your registration site to stand alone, you can upload any event information that you need to display for your registrants.

Email Portal

Email your registrants* and include their registration details. You can also include a confirmation link so that the recipient can confirm that their information is correct, or make any necessary updates.

* This feature is limited to emailing registered teams.

Account Features

Users may log in to edit their registration information, make payments, view rosters, etc.


Track any changes made by an administrator or registrant.


Download all registration information as .csv files, which can be viewed as spreadsheets in Excel or similar application.

View Archived Events

Registration information from previous years is always available for you to look back on.

We're always working on new features and improvements and can customize your registration site to suit your needs.

Contact Us to set up a registration site or to discuss any features you would like to see.